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Lately, I’ve wanted to connect with more people and be more social.  I’m just coming out of hibernation that a dear friend calls “being in the trenches.”  She labeled this phase of my life for me one day when we were discussing how difficult it is when the kids are young and very needy and we parents don’t have much time to take care of ourselves and our own needs.  Many parents can relate to not getting a shower for several days or not stopping to pee until we are about to burst, because we are so busy being parents.

So, it occurred to me yesterday, after a long discussion with my husband, how we have changed and have different needs for who we want to connect with and how we want to spend our time.  Of course, most of our priorities have changed, now that we have children of our own.  I still want to spend my time with people who want quality relationships.  I have never been one to enjoy “small talk”.  In looking around for a way to connect with other people of like mind who are O.K. with my “spirited” kids being around, I finally decided I needed to create a way to find these people in my community.  I know they are “out there”, but how could I find them?  The first step was to create a “Meet-Up” group on the internet.  In the process of creating the group, I had to define what the group was about.  Here is the description I wrote:

“In Our Perfect World, kind, compassionate, socially conscious people come together to share deep, authentic friendships based on mutual support in raising our children, building our businesses in the community, and building a better future for all of us together. We are not just “tolerant”, but we celebrate diversity of race, sexual orientation, religious/spiritual beliefs and practices, differing abilities and more as long as it is kind, non-violent and supportive of others. We are building a community within the community of mutual respect, support and love and creating relationships within the community where everyone wins. Family/kid friendly events and entertainment, art, music, dance, poetry, science, social connection, business connection and more.”

I’m using the idea that if I create it, they will come.  I have scheduled a preschool aged children’s play date as the first event.  It will take place at a wonderful local park called Matteo’s Dream.  I can’t wait to see who shows up!

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